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Building Construction People

Empower your people for shifting times

Construction is transforming…digital skills, offsite production, zero carbon… if your people are suffering burnout, they’re not alone.

But the industry never stops…relentless delivery and cost cutting are the constants. We get it. We’ve seen productivity across the sector drop by 20% in a year.

Austin Wright equips your people for a transformed construction industry. 

We exist to help you build autonomous, balanced, engaged, resilient and curious workforces.

“What impressed me most was Mark’s ability to mentor, provide strategic thinking and give autonomy to people, which saw a significant shift in cultural change.”

Nicola Watkins, Kier Infrastructure

“Mark connects the dots, bringing together people, problems and solutions. I always say Mark has a crystal ball…an eye for trends and emerging technologies.”

Markie Reeds, Founder, Digital Reeds

“Mark is simply the ‘go to’ person in this sector with unrivalled knowledge and a huge address book; his big picture thinking on corporate innovation is second to none.”

Becky Lodge, CEO, Little Kanga

“Mark is a great problem solver. Invariably honest, clear and with great enthusiasm.”

Jim Tipler, Owner, Hailsham Creative

Our Blueprint for Change

Change…what’s the great mystery? Billions of pounds are lost each year in dispute resolution. So what’s the art of managing change effectively?

30 years of experience tells us it requires the right balance of people, process and technology – the ‘perfect trinity’.

people process technology
People Process Technology


From supportive teams and clear roles to the right training, we can share with you the 8 enablers for your people to flourish.


Do you make the most of the great work already happening? We start by understanding how your organisation works, so that we can help you identify where collaboration is needed. Where appropriate we draw on other strategic partners such as Edison 365 who celebrate innovation and make ideas pay.


Technology doesn’t replace people. It should be a tool to enable things to happen and promote conversation. We’ll help you get the balance right so that your people are freed up to think.

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